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  • Nacimiento en Cuba de phoca vitulina vitulina (Linnaeus, 1758) (carnivora: phocidae). 

    Guevara, C.; López, R.; Sanchez, L.; Blanco, M.; Cruz, D.; López, N. (2008)
    Se reporta el nacimiento de la primera foca común en Cuba. Se describe la metodología de manejo de la gestante, así como las características del parto y de la cría.
  • Namibia & Botswana: Country Report 

    Unknown author (ITAD; ODI, 2001-08)
    This study is part of an evaluation of DFID’s support for sustainable agriculture (SA) since the early 1990s. Five projects were reviewed, representing around 75% by value of DFID project commitments to SA during the ...
  • Namibia Upwelling: Ocean Meadows off tthe Desert 

    Berger, W.H.; Lange, C.B.; Wefer, G. (2001)
    A central finding of the ocean drilling expedition off Namibia and South Africa (Leg 175, 1997) is that the history of the intense coastal upwelling in that region is intimately tied into global climate change and ...
  • The Namibian Fisheries Experience 

    Goodisan, P. (1991)
    As a consequence of the upwelling of the nutrient rich Benguela current the fishing grounds off the coast of Namibia were once the most productive in the world. Fishing activities off the coast of Namibia have always been ...
  • The Namibian horse mackerel stock -Summary of resource and management 

    Krakstad, J.O. (2001)
    The horse mackerel (Trachurus capensis) stock is distributed from around Tomboa in Southern Angola (16°00’S) and throughout Namibia (Figure 1). The exchange of horse mackerel between Namibia and South Africa is not known ...
  • Namibia’s Environmental Assessment framework : the evolution of policy and practice 

    Figueira, M.; Tarr, P. (1999-09)
    Namibia is the last African country to have gained independence from colonial rule. It has inherited a weak, skewed, resource-based economy and an administrative and regulatory framework that reflects a colonialist ...
  • Nano partículas de hierro añadidas al oeste de las Islas Galápagos 

    Pazmiño, N. (Instituto Oceanográfico de la Armada, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2007)
    La preocupación de efectuar estos estudios que alteran el medio natural, y que se dan en las aguas adyacentes a nuestra jurisdicción, pueden poner en riesgo la reserva marina de las Galápagos, por las condiciones oceanográficas ...
  • National objectives - fisheries 

    Anon. (Mombasa : Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, 1986-05)
    An account is given of the present situation regarding fisheries and their development in Kenya, indicating the various problems to be solved and appropriate programs of action.
  • National Report : Marine biodiversity in Côte d’Ivoire – the known and the unknown 

    N’Goran Ya, N.; Sankaré, Y. (1998)
    Located in the Gulf of Guinea, with an area of 322 465 km², Cote d’Ivoire (4°30’ and 10°30’N and 2°30’ and 8°30’W) is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the south, Liberia in the south east, Guinea in the northwest, Burkina ...
  • National Report: Marine biodiversity in Kenya – the known and the unknown 

    Fondo, E. (2003)
    The Kenyan coastline is about 600 km in length and forms part of the western border of the Indian Ocean. It has an almost continuous fringing coral reef usually running parallel to the coast. Kenya’s territorial sea and ...
  • National Report: The Marine Biodiversity of Mauritius 

    Bhikajee, M. (2004)
    The coastline of the island of Mauritius is 322 km long and is almost completely surrounded by fringing coral reefs enclosing a lagoon area totaling 243 km. The volcanic nature of the island's origin, the existence of coral ...
  • The Necessity of Optimal Perturbations 

    DelSole, T. (2003-05-02)
    An optimal perturbation is an initial condition that optimizes amplitude growth over a prescribed time in a linear system. Previous studies have argued that optimal perturbations play an important role in turbulence. Two ...
  • The need for aquatic pollution studies in Kenyan inland waters 

    Onyari, J.M. (Mombasa: Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, 1986-05)
    The need for baseline data on pollution studies to the aquatic biota of Kenyan Inland waters is of profound importance. Aware of the possible contamination of the rivers and Lakes with heavy metals, pesticides ...
  • Nematodes parásitos como indicadores biológicos de Macruronus magellanicus 

    Incorvaia, I.S.; Hernandez, D.R. (Mar del Plata: Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero (INIDEP), 2006)
    A wide distributional range species can constitute many populations or fishing stocks which can be whole or partly overlapped within their distribution area, reason why they must be clearly identified. Therefore, proper ...
  • Nematodes parásitos como indicadores biológicos en las especies Macruronus magellanicus y Merluccius hubbsi (Pisces, Gadiformes) 

    Incorvaia, I.S. (2002)
    Parasites nematodes as biological tags of Macruronus magellanicus (longtail hake) and Merluccius hubbsi (hake) colleted between 34°- 55°S in the SW Atlantic were studied. Adult specimens of Hysterothylacium aduncum, ...
  • Neoplasma de los peces de las costas uruguayas 

    Bertullo, V.H.; Traibel, R.M. (Facultad de Veterinaria (Uruguay), 1955)
    En general, los peces que se pescan en el Río de la Plata y Océano Atlántico, frente a nuestras costas, son poco afectados por formaciones neoplásicas. Sin embargo el osteoma sale de la regla y aparece abundantemente en ...
  • Nephrolithiasis and pyelonephritis in two west indian manatees (Trichechus manatus spp.) 

    Bello, O.; Gearhart, S.; Moliner, J. L.; Keller, M.; Rommel, S. A.; Vásquez, G.; Cruz, D.; Costidis, A. M.; Calderwood, M. B. (Wildlife Disease Association, 2008)
    Two West Indian manatees (Trichechus manatus spp.) were reported with severe emaciation. One animal was a Florida manatee from the Everglades; the other was an Antillean manatee from Cuba. On necropsy, both animals had ...
  • Net fishing and its management in Seychelles 

    Payet, R.J. (Victoria : Seychelles Fishing Authority, 1997)
    Net fishing is an important component of the artisanal fishery of the Seychelles. It is composed of beach seine, encircling and set gillnets. This report reviews net fishery and its impact on the environment and fish stocks ...
  • Net Present Value Analysis to Assess the Economic Consequences of Changing Farming Systems in the Upper Catchment of the River Njoro Watershed. 

    Krupnik, T.; Jenkins, M.W.; Mooney, S.; Bett, E.K. (Kenya Agricultural Research InstituteNairobi, Kenya, 2006)
    A spreadsheet model applying net present value analysis has been developed to estimate long-term economic returns to labor and land of alternative small-holder cropping systems in the upper River Njoro watershed. Production ...