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  • Marine Protected Areas with an Emphasis on Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples: a Review. Fisheries Centre Research Reports 

    Guénette, S.; Chuenpagdee, R.; Jones, R. (Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia - Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 2000)
    This report presents a literature review of marine protected areas (MPAs) throughout the world, with an emphasis on 16 case studies that involve community participation and indigenous peoples. Details of three MPAs, ...
  • Marine Resource Management for Misali Island: Preliminary Analysis by Frontier-Tanzania 

    Daniels, C.; Fanning, E.; Redding, D. (WIOMSA, 2003)
    Abstract—In collaboration with local stakeholders, Frontier-Tanzania is collecting biophysical information to facilitate effective management initiatives for Misali Island, where marine resource management is currently ...
  • Marine Resources 

    Unknown author (Mauritius Research Council, 2001-08)
  • Marine Resources Act, no 27 of 2000 

    Office of the Prime Minister (Office of the Prime Minister, 2001-08-01)
    Fishing for recreational purposes; forms and procedures for granting rights or exploratory rights,allocating quotas and issuing licences
  • Marine Resources Research Institutions in Mauritius 

    Sanders, M.J. (FAO, 1986-03)
    The contents of this document relate principally to a proposal for an autonomous Marine Resources Research Centre in Mauritius. The Consultant concluded that such a Centre lacked Justification at this time. The priority ...
  • Marine Science Country Profiles : Kenya 

    Odido, Mika (IOC/WIOMSA, 1998)
  • Marine Seafood Toxin Diseases: Issues In Epidemiology & Community Outreach 

    Weisman, R.; Baden, D.G.; Blythe, D.G.; Fleming, L.E.; Bean, J.A. (NIEHS, 1998)
    In addition to increased seafood consumption and tourism, recent studies link global climate change with an apparent increasing incidence of the Marine Seafood Toxin diseases. However, the epidemiology of the human ...
  • Marine spatial planning, a step-by-step approach towards ecosystem-based management. 

    Ehler, Charles; Douvere, Fanny (UNESCOParis, 2009)
    Step 1 Identifying need and establishing authority Introduction 26 Task 1: Identifying why you need marine spatial planning 26 Task 2: Establishing appropriate authority for marine spatial planning 27 Action 1: Authority ...
  • Marine sponges as a source of new bioactive substances 

    Regalado, E.L.; Laguna, A.; Martínez, J.R. (2010)
    Las esponjas marinas (Porifera) han atraído la atención de un gran número de científicos alrededor del mundo. Estos animales y sus simbiontes utilizan mecanismos de defensa química, basados en la producción de compuestos ...
  • Marine Swimming–Related Illness: Implications for Monitoring and Environmental Policy 

    Allen, P.; Wong, T.; Ford, T.; Epstein, P.R.; Henrickson, S. (2001-07)
    There is increasing evidence that environmental degradation may be contributing to an increase in marine-related diseases across a wide range of taxonomic groups. This includes a growing number of reports of both recreational ...
  • Marine Waters Frame Survey 2006 Report. 

    Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development, (Nairobi) Kenya (Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries DevelopmentNairobi, Kenya, 2006)
    The first ever complete Frame survey for marine waters was conducted by the Fisheries department in May 2004. The 2006 Frame Survey was the second exercise to be carried out on the entire coastline and was conducted from ...
  • Marine Wetland Interactions and Policy in Tanzania 

    Harrill, J.C. (2002)
    The marine wetland habitat types of Tanzania are defined. The interactions between the ecosystems supporting these habitats are briefly described. The connections between these habitats demand a multi-sectoral approach to ...
  • Maritrema magdalenae n.sp., ein Trematode von der Isla de Salamanca, Nordkolumbien 

    Werding, B. (INVEMAR, Santa Marta (Colombia), 1973)
    Se da la descripción de Maritrema magdalenae n. sp. del intestino de Limnodromus griseus, de la Isla de Salamanca (Colombia). De las características morfológicas resulta que M. magdalenae es una especie todavía no descrita.
  • Marquage des langoustes en Mauritanie 

    Maigret, J. (1977)
  • La marsopa de anteojos en la Antártica 

    Olavarría, C. (INACH, Punta Arenas (Chile), 2006)
    El grupo de las marsopas está compuesto por seis especies. La marsopa lisa (Neophocaena phocaenoides) que habita el sur de Asia y la marsopa de Dall (Phocoenoide dalli) que vive en gran parte del Pacífico Norte. Otras tres ...
  • Masas de agua en la plataforma continental 

    Guerrero, R.A.; Piola, A.R. (Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero (INIDEP): Mar del PlataInstituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero (INIDEP): Mar del Plata, 1997)
    The current knowledge on the argentine continental shelf water masses is summarized in this paper. These water masses are characterized as a function of water types fed by the boundary currents and the modifications due ...
  • Mauritius: Indian Ocean haven for pirate fishing vessels 

    Unknown author (2000-03)
    Pirate fishing is fishing conducted outside the framework of any national or regional fisheries management regime. Technically it is referred to as Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fishing. Poaching within ...
  • Más de un siglo de investigaciones científicas en la Isla de Malpelo 

    López Victoria, M. (INVEMAR, Santa Marta (Colombia), 2011)
    Muchos descubrimientos y teorías fundamentales de la ciencia se han basado en el estudio de organismos insulares (e.g., Darwin, 1859; Wallace, 1902). El reducido tamaño de muchas islas, sus discretos límites, su aislamiento ...
  • Measuring Change and Recovery in Reef Ecosystems 

    Teleki, Kristian; Sheppard, C.; Turner, J. (2000)
    Assessing environmental impacts and monitoring ecosystem recovery requires an understanding of the underlying spatial and temporal changes that have occurred. There are three main questions to be answered with specific ...
  • Mediciones Radiométricas en Red Beds del Paleozóico joven y Mesozóico antiguo del Norte de Colombia 

    Cediel, F.; Geyer, O.F. (INVEMAR, Santa Marta (Colombia), 1971)
    Se realizaron mediciones radiométricas en las formaciones Jordán (Pérmico superior?), Guatapurí (Triásico?), Girón (Triásico-Jurásico), Ranchogrande (problemente Triásico-Jurásico) y Morrocoyal (Jurásico inferior) en el ...