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  • NODC Report: Japan 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
  • NODC Report: Kenya 

    IOC for UNESCO; UNESCO; IOC (2000)
    The Kenya National Oceanographic Data Center (KeNODC) began operating in January 1997. The first set of activities included identification of staff members and setting up of office infrastructure. Amidst all this, the ...
  • NODC Report: Madagascar 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
    Born in 1992 out of the three entities (Marine Station, Department of Applied Oceanology and the Department of Fisheries High Training), the IH.SM has the task of training and Applied Research on Development. Attached to ...
  • NODC Report: Mauritius 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
    The Mauritian Data Centre is housed at the Faculty of Science of The University of Mauritius. The latter provides an air conditioned room and administrative support for the running of the centre. The computer of the centre ...
  • NODC Report: Mozambique 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
  • NODC Report: Norway 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
  • NODC Report: Russia 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
  • NODC Report: Seychelles 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
    The development of marine information and data management systems may be viewed initially in terms of those concerned with marine environment itself; with uses and industries; and with the professional context in which ...
  • NODC Report: South Africa 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
  • NODC Report: Sri Lanka 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
  • NODC Report: Tanzania 

    UNESCO; IOC for UNESCO (2000)
    The Institute of Marine Sciences has a total of 18 Research staff and nine Technicians in different fields of marine sciences. To facilitate its activities, the Institute has four departments; the Living Resources and ...
  • NODC Report: Turkey 

    IOC (2000)
    The Turkish NODC operates under the organization of the Department of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography (DNHO). The Turkish NODC has a database management system and allocated experts for this mission. The Centre ...
  • NODC Report: Ukraine 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
  • NODC Report: United Kingdom 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
    The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is a component of the UK Natural Environment Research Council's (NERC's) environmental data centre network and has designated responsibility for marine data. It is also part of ...
  • NODC Report: United States of America 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
    The U.S. National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) holds the world's largest collection of publicly available oceanographic data. The main NODC facility is located at the NOAA building complex in Silver Spring, Maryland. ...
  • NODC Report: Vietnam 

    IOC for UNESCO (2000)
    VNODC operates within the National Institute of Oceanography, National Centre for Natural Science and Technology of Vietnam. The last institution – NCST of Vietnam – is ministry level organization belong to Government of ...
  • El nombre científico de la 'vieira patagónica' 

    Schejter, L.; Bremec, C.S. (2012)
    Considering the present taxonomic options, it is proposed to continue using the scientific name Zygochlamys patagonica for the commercial species commonly known as Patagonian scallop.
  • Nomeus gronovii (Gmelin) (Pisces: Nomeidae) en el Caribe colombiano: primer registro para la Costa Noroccidental de América del Sur 

    Acero-P., Arturo; Rodríguez-Ramírez, Alberto; Garzón-Ferreira, Jaime (Santa Marta (Colombia), INVEMAR, 1994)
    Three specimens of the man-of-war fish, Nomeus gronovii, from the Santa Marta and Cartagena áreas '(Colombian Caríbbean) are presentad as the first records of the species from the South American coasts ovar the Caribbean Sea.
  • Non Point loading from the Lake Victoria Catchment – Kenya Section. 

    Gor, S.; Opango, P.; Okungu, J.; Abuodha, J.O.Z.; Hecky, R.E. (Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP)Kisumu, Kenya, 2005)
    There are nine major rivers traversing the lake Victoria catchment of the Kenya side. The river basin, which ranges from 1000Km2 to 12,842km2 is, characterize by hilly deforested slopes, human settlement and extensive ...
  • A non-parametric indicator Kriging method for generating coastal sediment type map. 

    Liu, Fucheng; Peng, Jun; Zhang, Cunyong (2012)
    Coastal sediment type map has been widely used in marine economic and engineering activities, but the traditional mapping methods had some limitations due to their intrinsic assumption or subjectivity. In this paper, a ...