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  • IODE Group of Experts on Technical Aspects of Data Exchange, eight session 

    IOC (UNESCO, 2000)
    During their 8th Session, the IODE Group of Experts on Technical Aspects of Data Exchange reviewed the achievements made during the previous intersessional period. The Group also adopted a comprehensive workplan and ...
  • IODE Handboek 

    IOC for UNESCO (1996)
  • The IODE International Coastal Atlas Network Project (ICAN): presented at Twenty-second Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE-XXII), Ensenada, Mexico, 11-15 March 2013. 

    Longhorn, R. (UNESCOParis, 2012)
    The strategic goal of the IODE International Coastal Atlas Network Project will be to encourage and help facilitate the development of digital atlases of the global coast, based on the principle of distributed, high-quality ...
  • IODE National Report for Argentina 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    The need to have an organization devoted to gathering the oceanographic and environmental data and information distributed among several institutions and researchers, led to the establishment in 1969 of a DNA. As a result ...
  • IODE National Report for Australia 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    The Australian Oceanographic Data Centre (AODC) was established in 1964 through a joint agreement between the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Originally ...
  • IODE National Report for Belgium/ Flanders 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) was created on 2 April 1999 by the Government of Flanders, the Province of West Flanders and the Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders. It is an autonomous institute, with the legal ...
  • IODE National Report for Benin 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    CBRST was created by Government in 1986 and is under Ministry in charge of scientific research in Benin. The National Oceanography Committee (CNO)/IOC was created in September 1988 under CBRST. It gather many Ministries ...
  • IODE National Report for Cameroon 

    Folack, J. (2002)
    The data centre for Cameroon is hosted by the Research Station for Fisheries and Oceanography, which is an operational structure of the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD), institute belonging to ...
  • IODE National Report for Canada 

    IOC for UNESCO (2002)
    Oceanographic data management in Canada is coordinated by the Marine Environmental Data Service (MEDS) located in Ottawa, Canada. MEDS has broadened its scope to include biological and chemical data as well as the standard ...
  • IODE National Report for Chile 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    The CENDOC is the Chilean Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) officially established in 1968 as part of the IODE-IOC system. It is located in Valparaíso, Chile at the Servicio Hidrográfico y Oceanográfico de la Armada de Chile ...
  • IODE National Report for Costa Rica 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    This program is part of research affords of the School of Physics concerning the international dissemination of our marine research. It basically has to do with tides and water levels, coastal currents and wave climate ...
  • IODE National Report for Croatia 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    The IOF is main Croatian institution responsible for oceanographic research of the Adriatic Sea. It was founded in 1930 as multidisciplinary oceanographic institute. Today, it consists of several laboratories: physical ...
  • IODE National Report for Cuba 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    Tal y como se informó en la XVI Sesion de IODE celebrada en Lisboa, Portugal 2002, en Cuba solo existen dos centros de datos de instituciones marinas. El Centro de Datos del Instituto de Oceanología y el Centro de Datos ...
  • IODE National Report for Cyprus 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    The CYNODC operates within the Oceanography Centre of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (OC-DFMR). The latter institution, which is the main centre for marine research in Cyprus, has a long term experience, ...
  • IODE National Report for Ecuador 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    CENDO is the Ecuadorian National Oceanographic Data Center established in 1975 and it is part of the IODE System, located at the city of Guayaquil. Its installations are in the Navy’s Oceanographic Institute (INOCAR), ...
  • IODE National Report for Georgia 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
  • IODE National Report for Germany 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
  • IODE National Report for Greece 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    The Hellenic National Oceanographic Data Centre (HNODC) operates within the framework of the National Centre for Marine Research (NCMR), in Athens. The latter is the leading marine research institute in Greece with a long ...
  • IODE National Report for Guinée 

    IOC for UNESCO (2003)
    Le Centre de Recherche Scientifique de Conakry-Rogbanè (CERESCOR) a été créé par Décret n° 078/PRG/2C/82 du 12 juillet 1982. Il est un Etablissement Public Administratif à caractère scientifique et technique, jouissant de ...