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TitleTypeIssue Date
Cultivos de moluscos bivalvos
Boschi, E.E. (Ed.) Los moluscos de interés pesquero. Cultivos y estrategias reproductivas de bivalvos y equinoideos.. p. 167-193
Book Section1998
Cultural and luminescent Conditions of a Marine luminous Bacterium.
Marine Science Bulletin, 10 (1), 45-53
Journal Contribution2008
Culture en conditions optimisées de la macroalgue rouge <Gracilaria gracilis> (stackhouse) steentofr et al. dans le lac de Bizerte
Bulletin de l'Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer, 35. p. 61-67
Journal Contribution2008
Culture experiment on the growth and production of mud crabs, mullets, milkfish and prawns in Mtwapa mangrove Creek System in KenyaReport2003
Culturing Coral for ManagementReport1996
Current Status of Trawl Fishery of Malindi-Ungwana Bay
Final Report . 97 p.
Curso Mamiferos MarinosBook2009
Curso Mamiferos MarinosBook2009
Cyanobacteria Composition and Impact of Seasonality on their In Situ Nitrogen Fixation Rate in a Mangrove Ecosystem Adjacent to Zanzibar Town
Western Indian Ocean J. Mar. Sci., 2 (1), p. 35-44
Journal Contribution2003
Cyanobacterial occurrence and diversity in seagrass meadows in coastal Tanzania
Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science, 3 (2), p. 113–122
Journal Contribution2004
Cycle sexuel des femelles de sandre Stizostedion lucioperca (L.,1758) Pisces, Percidae) dans la retenue du barrage de Sidi Salem (Tunisie)
Bulletin de l'Institut National es Sciences et Tecnologies de la Mer (INSTM), 27, P. 85-97.
Journal Contribution2010
Cycle sexuel et fécondité du mâchoiron Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus en lagune Ebrié, Côte d'Ivoire.
Journal Ivoirien d'Océanologie et de Limnologie, 2 (1), p. 61-67
Journal Contribution1993
Data Collection Tools And Good Practices In Ghana
Workshop In Strengthening Food And Agricultural Statistics In Africa In Support Of Food Security And Poverty Reduction Policies And Programes Pretoria, South Africa, 22 – 26 Nov. 2001
Conference Material2001
Data Formats and Data UnificationReport2000
Data Publishing (IODE/SCOR)
Twentieth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE-XIX), Beijing, China, 4-8 May 2009
Conference Material2009
Data-Recording System and Sampling Strategy in the Western Indian Ocean Purse-Seine FisheryReport1995
Data Report: Trace Element And Isotopic Composition of Interstitial Water and Sediments from the Woodlark Rise, ODP Leg 180
Huchon, P., Taylor, B., and Klaus, A. (Eds.) Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results Volume 180
Datos de las capturas históricas, el comercio y los muestreos
Revista cubana de investigaciones pesqueras, 22(1). p. 75-88
Journal Contribution1998
La décadence d'une ville précoloniale du Togo, Aného, en pays Guin
Publications et notes réunies sur l'environnement marin et cotier, 6 (1), p. 621-641
Journal Contribution2003
Decápodos colectados en las Islas del Rosario
Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas de Punta Betín, (11). p. 31-34
Journal Contribution1979
Showing results 1112 to 1131 of 5095