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  • Effects of physical mixing on the environment of satellite lakes and dams of lake Victoria, Kenya 

    Guya, F.; Wakwabi, E.; Jembe, T.; Osumo, W.; Sitoki, L.; Ogutu, Z. (2006)
    In the Lake Victoria (Kenya) catchment are found several small lakes and dams. The satellite lakes and dams are important aquifers and buffer zones for the lake. Besides the water bodies are important water sources both ...
  • Hydraulic/Hydrodynamic Conditions of Lake Victoria. 

    Ssebuggwawo, V.; Kitamirike, J.M.; Khisa, P.; Njuguna, H.; Myanza, O.; Hecky, R.E.; Mwanuzi, F.L. (Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP)Kisumu, Kenya, 2005)
    The waters of Lake Victoria are set into motion by energy exchange processes across its surface. Winds blowing over the surface can set near surface waters into motion and cause horizontal circulation (currents) as well ...