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  • Fighting Poverty Together: The Gambia 

    Unknown author (Actionaid, 2002-01)
    ActionAid began operating in The Gambia in 1979. We work mainly with subsistence farmers in over 600 villages in three rural areas, shown on the map below. Groundnuts provide 85 per cent of the country’s export earnings. ...
  • Integration of Sustainable Aquaculture and Rural Development 

    Unknown author (2000)
    This paper describes a Proposal for Action for the elaboration of national and regional aquaculture development policies; policies that will enable aquaculture overcome its present difficulties and realise its potential ...
  • Niger: Bringing Fishing Communities Out of Poverty 

    Talatou, H.; Soumana, A. (FAO, 2003)
    The fisheries sector in Niger is an important component of rural development. Its contribution to the national economy and poverty alleviation is significant. However, the sector is still either marginalised or ignored ...