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  • Nuevos datos sobre la geología del Golfo de México y el Mar Caribe 

    Melnik, V. I.; Zernestki, B. F. (1969)
    New marine geological data of Cuban shelf were obtained during Cuban-Soviet Expedition of 1964-1965. The micro and macrofauna and substancial composition were studied. Bentonic foraminifera appeared over 100 m depth in the ...
  • Source rock evaluation of some intervals in the Gulf of Suez area, Egypt 

    Aou Shagar, S. (National Institute of Oceanograhy and Fisheries (NIOF), 2006)
    In order to identify and evaluate the source rocks combination between resistivity, sonic, density and level of organic metamorphism (LOM) from three wells distributed in the central and southern part of the Gulf of ...