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  • Degradation of the riparian wetlands in the Lake Victoria basin - Yala swamp case study. 

    Thenya, Thuita; Wassmann, Reiner; Verchot, Louis; Mungai, David (2006)
    Land degradation is as a result of broad range of scales and factors, which include biophysical, climatic, demographic and socio-economic. The aim of this paper was to provide an analysis of wetland utilisation, ecosystem ...
  • Effects of land use changes on bird composition along River Njoro: A watershed of Lake Nakuru 

    Shivoga, W.A.; Ngugi, F.M.; Muchiri, M.S.; Miller, S.N. (2006)
    The rift valley lakes and their associated watersheds are home for millions of resident and migratory waterfowl. However, they have been recently challenged by land use changes. Lake Nakuru (Kenya) supports diverse biological ...
  • Water, Communities and Development in the Lake Victoria Basin. 

    Muyodi, F.J.; Semili, P.; Maturwe, B.N.; Okungu, J.O.; Semalulu, O.; Wanda, F.; Odong, R.; Okwerede, L.; Chebwek, N.J.; Wambede, J.; Yobterik, A.C.; Lupeja, P.; Kitamirike, J.M.; Hecky, R.E. (Lake Victoria Environmental Project (LVEMP)Kisumu, Kenya, 2005)
    The impact of water quality changes in the Lake Victoria basin on beneficial uses is discussed. Beneficial uses of resources from the lake basin are very significant for the livelihoods of the riparian communities and the ...