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  • Posidonia oceanica L. (Delile) Meadow from Messioua 

    Sammari, Ch.; Hattour, A.; Komatsu, T.; Zarrouk, S; Ben Mustapha, K.; El Abed, A. (INSTM, 2002)
    In order to study the benthic ecology of the “Messioua banc” (30 NM east off Zarzis, Southern Tunisia), a traditional Tunisian sponge fishing ground, four marine campaigns were conducted with the R/V “Hannibal” from October ...
  • Tunisian mega benthos from Infra (Posidonia meadows) and circalittoral (Coralligenous) sites 

    Ben Mustapha, K.; El Abed, A.; Komatsu, T.; Souissi, A.; Sammari, Ch.; Zarrouk, S; Hattour, A. (INSTM, 2002)
    Several marine campaigns aiming to collect marine demosponges for specific research projects on their taxonomy and biogeography and to study the phenology and distribution of Posidonia oceanica a long the Tunisian coasts ...