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  • Groundwater Quality in Coastal Aquifers in Morocco 

    Pulido-Bosch, A.; Targuisti, K.; Cerón, J.C.; El Stitou Messari, A J.; El Morabiti, K.; Aoulad Mansour, N. (2003)
    The results of an initial research carried out in the several coastal aquifers are exposed. The studied areas are situated in the northern most part of Morocco. At the northeast are located the detrital aquifers of Smir ...
  • Groundwater Quality: Ghana 

    WaterAid (2000)
  • Protecting rural groundwater quality 

    Unknown author (UNEP, 2003)
  • Urban Pollution Of Surficial And Groundwater 

    Ousmane, B. (2003-12)
    I Identification of the Pollution Monitoring Stations of the Niamey Aquifer - II Tables and Diagrams/Graphs of Physico-chemical and Piezometric Data - III Tables of Specific Chemical Data - IV Tables and Diagrams/Graphs ...
  • Vulnerability and Pollution of Groundwater in the Kisauni Area, Mombasa, Kenya - Final Report. 

    Munga, D.; Kitheka, J.U.; Mwaguni, S.M.; Barongo, J.; Massa, H.S.; Mwangi, S.; Ong'anda, H.; Mdoe, F.; Opello, G. (UNEP/UNESCO/UN-HABITAT/ECAMombasa, Kenya, 2005)
    The growing population along the coastal region as a result of natural population growth and in-migration is exerting increasing pressure on coastal resources. It is realised that the development of facilities and public ...