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  • Au Declarations 

    Unknown author (2003-07)
    Reiterating our commitment to the principles and objectives set out in the Constitutive Act of the African Union and our common conviction that peace, security, democracy, good governance, political and social stability ...
  • Government policies on sustainable development in Namibia 

    Tarr, P.; Blackie, R. (1999-01)
    This paper examines the evolution, since 1990, of key government policies on sustainable development in Namibia. Namibia’s approach has been largely homegrown, responding to issues that are of concern to the Namibian ...
  • Institutional, Legal and Economic Instruments in Ghana's Environmental Policy 

    Boon, E.K.; Hens, L. (1999)
    This paper reviews the state of the environment in Ghana and explores the potential for the use of institutional, legal and economic instruments in environmental management in the specific context of this developing ...