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  • Artisanal fishing boats in Seychelles 

    Payet, R.J. (Seychelles Fishing AuthorityVictoria, Seychelles, 1996)
    The results of a census of fishing boats on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue are presented. In total 437 boats were counted of which 278 were outboards with engine, 48 were open whaler, 35 were pirogues, 25 were lekonomi, 22 ...
  • Efecto del alga invasora Undaria pinnatifida sobre la comunidad de peces de arrecife en los golfos Norpatagónicos 

    Irigoyen, A.J. (UNCMar del Plata (Argentina), 2010)
    This study investigates the impact of Undaria pinnatifida on the reef fish assemblage associated with the coastal rocky reefs of Golfo Nuevo in northern Patagonia, Argentina. Undaria pinnatifida is a laminarian kelp, ...
  • Recensement du grand dauphin <Tursiops truncatus> 

    Ben Naceur, L.; Gannier, A.; Bradai, M.N.; Drouot, V.; Bourreau, S.; Laran, S.; Khalfallah, N.; M’rabet, R.; Bdioui, M. (INSTM, 2004)
    In the setting of a program of census and identification of cetaceans in the Tunisian waters, started in 2001 by a pilot campaign limited to the region of the Sahel (of Sousse to The Chebba), the INSTM (National Institute ...