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  • Gorgonias del litoral de la costa norte de Cuba 

    Guitart-Manday, Dario (Acuario Nacional de CubaLa Habana, 1959)
    Describe 19 especies de gorgonias de las costas cubanas, con ilustraciones que se corresponden fundamentalmente con las características distintivas. Incluye además la localización y descripción biológica.
  • Catálogo de peces cubanos 

    Duarte-Bello, Pedro Pablo (Universidad de Villanueva, Laboratorio de Biología MarinaMarianao, Cuba, 1959)
    La clasificación adoptada es la del Dr. Leo S. Berg, según la última edici6n (1955) de su "Clasificaci6n de Peces Recientes y Fósiles". Prefiero adaptarme a ella casi enteramente, entre otras razones, para conservar ...
  • Hydrography of the British East African Coastal waters, Part II. 

    Newell, B.S. (Her Majesty's Stationery OfficeLondon, UK, 1959)
    The purpose of this second survey was twofold. Firstly, to confirm and amplify the deductions drawn from the previous survey, and secondly to obtain an estimate of the fertility of these waters. To this end, measurements ...
  • The Cowries of the East African coasts: Supplement II. 

    Verdcourt, B. (1959)
    All the species known to occur on our coasts are included in this present paper.
  • Dos especies del género Uraspis de la costa norte de la Habana. 

    Duarte-Bello, P.P. (1961)
    Amplia descripción y fotografías de las especies.
  • Corales de los arrecifes cubanos 

    Duarte-Bello, P. P. (Acuario Nacional de CubaLa Habana, 1961)
    Se describen 37 especies de corales de los arrecifes cubanos, incluye ilustraciones y características distintivas.
  • Preliminary notes on the relationship between Feeding and Growth Rate in the Siluroid Fish Bagrus docmac (Forsk). 

    Elder, H.Y. (East African Freshwater Fishery Research Organization,Jinja, Uganda, 1961)
    Experiments were begun in April to clarify the relationship between Bagrus and its main prey in the natural environment of L. Victoria, the cichlid fish of the genus Haplochromis. Some of the results of the first two parts ...
  • Nile Perch Investigation. 

    Hamblyn, E. (East African Freshwater Fishery Research OrganizationNairobi, Kenya, 1961)
    The more important findings are noted below in general terms while a detailed account of the biology of Lates will be published elsewhere.
  • River Fish Migration. 

    Van Someren, V. (East African Freshwater Fishery Research OrganizationJinja, Uganda, 1961)
    For the last four years an inclined grid trap has been maintained on the Ragati River which flows through the Sagana Fishery Research Station in Kenya. For a number of reasons, mainly financial, it was not possible to make ...
  • A Note on Lake Rudolf. 

    Hamblyn, E. (East African Freshwater Fishery Research OrganizationJinja, Uganda, 1961)
    In January a further expedition was made to Lake Rudof with the help and co-operation of the Kenya Department of Game Forest and Fisheries. Four days were spent at Loyongalani and experimental fishing was done in El Molo ...
  • Buoy Release Trials. 

    Roberts, J. (East African Freshwater Fishery Research OrganizationJinja, Uganda, 1961)
    Trials with the two types of links supplied by E.A.Industrial Research Organization and using sealed one gallon cans as floats produced results as follows.
  • Breeding Studies on Tilapia Zillii and Tilapia Nigra. 

    Cridland, C. (East African Freshwater Fishery Research OrganizationJinjga, Uganda, 1961)
    Broods were recorded from seven pairs of T. zilli which had been reared from previous experiments in the laboratory, observations on these being made for a period of 19 months.
  • Pond Culture Studies on Tilapia Nigra. 

    Van Someren, V. (East African Freshwater Fishery Research OrganizationJinja, Uganda, 1961)
    The culture of T. nigra in ponds is best effected monosex methods, in order to obtain yields of fish a1l of a uniformly large size after a period of time. It is usual to grow males only, stocking them on a basis of sex ...
  • Report on Limnological Work during a Visit to EAFFRO between, August 1980, and September 1961 

    Talling, J. (East African Freshwater Fishery Research OrganizationJinja, Uganda, 1961)
    Work has been carried out on several aspects of algal productivity in Lake Victoria waters, in relation to a background of physical and chemical Limnology. Routine sampling of the offshore waters of Lake Victoria was ...
  • Noticia sobre un Lepidocybium flavobrunneum pescado en Cuba. 

    Duarte-Bello, P. P. (1961)
    El que se ilustra en esta publicación es el 12mo. y el de mayor tamaño que se publica en el mundo hasta ahora, la 4ta. noticia para el Atlántico, la 2da. para Cuba, y el primer individuo completo que se ha pescado en ...
  • An Investigation of the Biology and Culture of an East African Oyster Crassostrce cucullata. 

    Van Someren, V.D.; Whitehead, P.J. (Her Majesty's Stationary OfficeLondon, England, 1961)
    CrassostrtZa cucullata (Born) is the most important edible oyster of the East African coast, and is .a purely littoral species occurring intertidally on open reefs, mangrove roots and creek rock exposures. Heavy commercial ...
  • El hidrolizado o bioproteocatenolizado de pescado para uso humano: preparación, características y análisis bromatológico 

    Bertullo, V.H. (Instituto de Investigaciones Pesqueras, Montevideo (Uruguay), 1962)
    La hidrólisis biológica de productos del mar llevada a cabo por medio de una levadura proteolítica, profusamente probada en los animales domésticos con resultados ampliamente satisfactorios, nos llevo a preparar el hidrolizado ...
  • Two New River Fishes from eastern Kenya. 

    Whitehead, P.J.P. (1963)
    Two new African freshwater fishes are described (Engraulicypris fluviatilis: Athi riser; Physailia somalensis tanensis: Tana river) with comparative notes on related forms.
  • Les Thoniers. Congelateurs Francais Dans L’atlantique Africain 

    Postel, E. (1965)
    Née il y a une dizaine d’années la pêche; industrielle du thon dans l’Atlantique africain a connu un rapide essor. Elle met en jeu trois techniques dont l’u’ne, pêche aux palangres c flottantes (/obg lines), s’adresse ...
  • Manual on international oceanographic data exchange. 

    Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCOParis, France, 1965)
    The purpose of this manual (see Part I), is to assemble in convenientform forthe guidance and use of practising oceanographers the various documents concerned with the assembly and disssemination of oceanographic data ...