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  • Diversité des demosponges tunisiennes 

    Ben Mustapha, K.; Zarrouk, S; Souissi, A.; El Abed, A. (INSTM, 2003)
    La revue des travaux réalisés jusqu’en 2003, relatifs à la systématique des spongiaires, à la bionomie benthique et aux inventaires de la biodiversité marine en Tunisie, ainsi que les nombreuses signalisations récentes, ...
  • Environment and Sustainable Development Issues and Policies 

    Souissi, A. (Plan Bleu, Centre d'activité régionales, 2001)
    The Blue Plan scenarios, published in 19891, showed that the protection of the Mediterranean Sea, its shores and coastal regions, could not be achieved through action carried out on the sea or on the coastal regions alone. ...
  • Tunisian mega benthos from Infra (Posidonia meadows) and circalittoral (Coralligenous) sites 

    Ben Mustapha, K.; El Abed, A.; Komatsu, T.; Souissi, A.; Sammari, Ch.; Zarrouk, S; Hattour, A. (INSTM, 2002)
    Several marine campaigns aiming to collect marine demosponges for specific research projects on their taxonomy and biogeography and to study the phenology and distribution of Posidonia oceanica a long the Tunisian coasts ...